Augmented Reality Skyway Helper App

Design conceptualization and prototyping of a new wayfinding smartphone app using augmented reality activated by scanning spatially fixed physical signage.


GenEQTY Business Neobank App

A brand new relationship-driven neobank mobile app that adds features as a business grows, while reducing gender bias in commercial lending.


Plogger App Prototyping

UI design and prototyping an app designed to facilitate identifying and removing trash and debris from one’s favorite places.


3M Hearing Protection Ecosystem

A system of connected IoT products and software with a focus on creating worker scenarios and app feature prototyping.


ParkPoolr Usability Evaluation

ParkPoolr aims to connect drivers with parking near events. A usability evaluation determined how the website could be improved.


New Student Gift Concept Design

Prime Dice. Gamifying agile task decision making. Providing stress relief in unexpected ways. A souvenir of a student's time at Prime Digital Academy.


UX Sandbox

A repository for my UX exploration activities: UI design challenges, whiteboard challenges, interview challenges, digital visual design, etc.



I designed my first large website at a time when the web was a fledgling business tool, handling everything from research to information architecture to visual design to front-end coding to developer partnering to hosting deployment; teaching myself all of it along the way. That first website was a smashing success, increasing sales and reducing support calls by 90%.

I meld web development, visual design, publishing and business experience into my UX design practice to create human-centered design solutions that solve problems for users. I am particularly interested in UX prototyping using whatever tool is best suited to the task, including hand sketching, Marvel Pop, Sketch, XD, Apple Reality Composer, HTML/CSS, Protopie, Figma, Axure and InVision.

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